Conservation Goals

  • Promote and implement ecologically sound management of Murray-Darling Basin wetlands to optimise their environmental values.
  • Promote the sustainable utilisation of wetlands and water resources.

Specifically, we shall restore and improve the ecological health of floodplain wetlands along the southern Murray-Darling Basin, including the headwaters of the Great Dividing Range; the floodplains and the rain fed wetlands (not connected to rivers).

We shall do this through:

  • Facilitating greater community awareness of wetland values and management requirements in the Murray-Darling Basin wetlands.
  • Utilising the latest research and best management practices to protect and restore Murray-Darling Basin wetlands.
  • Developing functional links with other wetland and river management organisations.
  • Developing direct community involvement in cooperative rehabilitation projects for the Murray-Darling Basin wetlands in cooperation with government agencies and key land managers.
  • Identifying sources of funding and seeking sponsorship for implementing wetland programs in the Murray-Darling Basin wetlands.
  • Promoting management-oriented research and recognition of research priorities for the Murray-Darling Basin wetlands throughout the Murray, Murrumbidgee and lower Darling River catchments.
  • Expanding interstate liaison and cooperation by fostering links with other agencies and wetland rehabilitation organisations.
  • Recognising the importance of local and regional landscape management and private wetlands, by taking a systems approach.