River Murray Wetland Database

The River Murray Wetland Database (RMWD) is a Geographic Information System (GIS) that contains environmental information on over 4000 River Murray wetlands. Information includes the impacts of river regulation on wetlands, extant vegetation communities and river level heights when the wetlands begin to receive water (commence-to-flow). This information is important in building our knowledge of the environmental flow requirements for improving the management of wetlands and the river system.

The RMWD was developed from, and is consistent with, the former Murray-Darling Basin Commission (MDBC) River Murray Mapping 2nd Edition and covers the Murray River floodplain in New South Wales and Victoria between the Hume Dam and the South Australian border, including the Edward-Wakool River system. The information for the database was collected from field assessments at a range of river flow levels, anecdotal information from landholders, agency staff, satellite image analysis and previous studies.

The accuracy of the information on the RMWD varies between wetlands. This is due to the different methods of data collection and because of the variability in the accuracy of the field based assessments. Currently, the wetland database has commence-to-flow information on approximately 4000 wetlands; however, information is scarce for some areas of the floodplain.

This information from the RMWD can be used by river managers and the wider community to understand the impacts of different flow levels on wetland connectivity and enable the development of appropriate environmental flow convention.

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Information from the RMWD is available to community groups and government agencies for research and management projects.

A RMWD Atlas was produced as part of the project. The Atlas is an A3-sized document that contains maps, photographs and summary data from the RMWD. Printed with a protective glaze, the RMWD Atlas is weather and dust-proof, durable and practical for field use.

Copies can be purchased from the MDWWG at the following rates (per copy):

Community and Education Groups = $200
Government Agencies and Tertiary Institutions = $300
Consultants and Individuals = $350

To order a copy, please send an email to Deb Nias debnias@murraydarlingwetlands.com.au with "Purchase RMWD Atlas" in the Subject line.

The RMWD project was conducted by the following former companies/agencies:

  • NSW Murray Wetlands Working Group Inc.
  • Murray-Darling Basin Commission
  • Natural Heritage Trust
  • Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources