Water Trust Alliance


The Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group helped establish the Water Trust Alliance in 2010. This first-of-its kind, national alliance of six key NGO’s was formed to strengthen the role of communities in reviving wetlands and rivers and to bring the non-government sector of water management to the attention of the Federal and State Governments.

The Water Trust Alliance is to be an umbrella forum for member water trusts and not an operating entity itself and these groups are seen as complementary and not competitors for charitable donations.

Members of the Water Trust Alliance are:

  • Australian Conservation Foundation
  • Environmental Water Trust established by Nature Conservation Council NSW
  • Healthy Rivers Australia
  • Murray Darling Association
  • Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group
  • Nature Foundation of SA.


  • Promote the role, acceptance and credibility of community/public interest/NGO water trusts as a viable dimension of environmental water management throughout Australia.
  • Develop constructive associations for water trusts with all three levels government, landowners, business and community groups to optimise the effectiveness of environmental water management.
  • Develop the Alliance as a peak body co-ordinating information on water trust models, water entitlements and interests for trust acquisition and effective mechanisms for management of those interests.
  • Identify opportunities for water trusts and direct those to the most appropriate member.
  • Assist in identifying potential donor sources both within the philanthropic and corporate sectors and facilitating proposals to them.


A workshop, co-convened by the Water Trust Alliance and the Australian River Restoration Centre, was held in Canberra on 1 December 2011.

The workshop was structured around a series of presentations, panel sessions and small group discussions and was attended by representatives of water trusts in Australia, Federal and state government agencies, research institutions and community stakeholders.

Proceedings of the workshop Water trusts: What role can they play in the future of environmental water management in Australia? are available for downloading below.


PDF Water Trust Alliance - Media release - 30 September 2010 (224 KB)

PDF Proceedings of Workshop - Water trusts: What role can they play in the future of environmental water management in Australia (1791 KB)