November 2015 Riverspace update

November 2015 Riverspace update

Hays Inlet: wetland diversity at Brisbane's doorstep 

Not far from the bustling streets of Brisbane, the Hays Inlet area features wetland and estuarine habitats dominated by intertidal mudflats, mangroves, saltmarsh and coastal bushland. The area is of international significance as it supports migratory birds and is part of the Moreton Bay Ramsar site. Local fauna include the Australian painted snipe, Australasian bittern, Oxleyan pygmy perch, curlew sandpiper, eastern curlew and silver perch.

Within Hays Inlet there are several conservation areas, along with easily accessible areas where visitors can view the different habitats. Osprey House Environmental Centre provides educational programs for all school levels and a place for the community to learn more about the local environment.

Tinchi Tamba Wetlands on the banks of the Pine River in Brisbane’s north, feature eucalypt woodland to paperbark swamp and intertidal flats. Mangrove-lined estuaries provide important nursery grounds for many marine species. Deep Water Bend is a popular area within the wetlands providing access to picnic tables and barbeque facilities, a playground, fishing platforms, a boat/canoe ramp, walking tracks and a bird hide.

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