Major Achievements for 2013-2014

Externally Funded Projects

  • Continuation of the two-year partnership project Murray Wetland Carbon Storage to improve carbon storage in wetlands, project being managed by the Murray Local Land Services with funding provided by the Australian Government Biodiversity Fund.
  • Finalised partnership project with the former Lower Murray Darling CMA (now Western Local Land Services) on the Carrs, Cappitts and Bunberoo Creeks system project engineering options of the system to improve water management for environmental purposes.
  • Finalisation of a partnership project with the former Lower Murray Darling CMA (now Western Local Land Services) investigating future options for potential water regime options and management of Bottle Bend.
  • Finalisation of a partnership project with Western Local Land Services to investigate the project and planning approvals for the Carrs, Cappitts and Bunberoo Creeks system: 2013/14 Project Delivery 2014/15 (June 2014).

Internally Funded Projects

  • Partnership project with the Barkindji Maraura Elders Environment Team to deliver environmental water to Fletchers Creek, the first substantial flow into this creek for nearly four decades. Fact Sheet and Video produced.
  • Riverspace……….. a place for wetlands, rivers and people

In mid-July we were delighted to launch a new website Riverspace, a joint initiative with the Australian River Restoration Centre. This website was created as a space for people to share knowledge about our fabulous rivers and wetlands. Riverspace is independent and staffed by a professional and experienced science communication team, using a Google map interface. Riverspace is inclusive, dynamic and designed to grow. It is affordable, providing self-managed options through to a full management service where we will manage your content, create your project pages and make your work look fabulous. Become part of the Riverspace community by visiting the website and seeing how you can reach a wider audience. Riverspace is for on-ground projects, oral histories, recreation and other topics that link people to our rivers and wetlands. By signing up to Riverspace, you are instantly taking the lead on ensuring your work reaches a wider audience. View the Riverspace website at:

Proposals and Grants

During 2013-2014, six proposals/grants were submitted with four being successful and two unsuccessful:

  • Review Wetland Management Plans Riverine Recovery Project; submitted to SA Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (unsuccessful).
  • Project and Planning approvals for the Carrs, Cappitts and Bunberoo Creeks system: 2013/14 Project Delivery; submitted to Western Local Land Services (successful).
  • Interim partnership arrangements for Murray Carbon Storage project 2014-2015; submitted to Murray Local Land Services (successful).
  • Wetlands Watch Monitoring Guide for landholders and community groups New South Wales Environmental Trust | Environmental Education Program | Express of Interest (unsuccessful).
  • Grants to Voluntary Environment, Sustainability and Heritage Organisations 2013-14 submitted to Department of the Environment (formerly the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water Population and Communities) (successful).
  • Sought and obtained sponsorship for reprint of third edition of Wetlands Watch: A Field Guide for Monitoring Wetlands in the southern Murray-Darling Basin (successful).

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Visit and tour of wetlands by The Nature Conservancy, USA (Brian Richter) and Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (David Papps) (4 to 13 December).
  • Reconvened Carrs, Cappitts and Bunberoo Creeks system Project Steering Committee (four meetings).
  • Murray Wetland Carbon Storage project.
  • Project Steering Committee meetings (17 July, 17 October, 17 January and 12 March).
  • Project Team meeting (13 August).
  • Murray Wetland Carbon Project Review and Strategic Planning Workshop (19 and 20 May).
  • CEO member of the MDBA Strategic Thinkers Group.
  • CEO member of Water Advisory Committee Nature Conservation Foundation SA.
  • Chair member of the MDBA Basin Communities Committee.
  • Chair and Deputy Chair members of the NSW Murray Lower Darling Environmental Water Advisory Group.
  • Chair and Company Secretary members of the Chowilla Reference Group.
  • CEO 2014 Chair of Australian Riverprize judging panel.
  • CEO member of 17th International Riversymposium Program Committee.
  • CEO member of the RiverSmart Advisory Board.

Workshops and Conferences

  • Planting in and around Dams and Wetlands Workshop (2 August).
  • Corroboree Frog Display Opening (14 August).
  • Evening Open Air, La Trobe University Open Day (30 August).
  • National Water Commission roundtable workshop 2014 Triennial Assessment of water reform progress (17 September).
  • Yarrawonga/Mulwala Agricultural Show (5 October).
  • 6th Annual Water Forum, La Trobe University (7 November).
  • Indigenous Use of Fire Forum, Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups in conjunction with North East Catchment Management Authority, La Trobe University (20 November).
  • Carp-O-Mania: The Great Carp Carnival (30 March).
  • Rotary Murray Darling School of Freshwater Research (12 to 17 April).
  • Water Trust Alliance: Australian Environmental Watering: Successes, Improvements and Agenda to 2019 (3 June).
  • Soil Health – How to Build Soil Carbon Field Day (17 June).
  • Joint Australian Society for Fish Biology and the Australian Society for Limnology (30 June to 3 July). 

Public Lectures and Field Trips

  • Tour of Lake Urana with Murray CMA, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and Urana Shire staff (19 August).
  • Murray-Darling Basin Seminar Series, Charles Sturt University (18 September).
  • Attended public lecture by Dr Michael Looker, Director Australian Division, The Nature Conservancy (1 October).
  • Directors and Staff site visits to wetlands around Albury/Corowa area (22 October).
  • Murray-Darling Basin Seminar Series, La Trobe University (28 October).
  • Attended public lecture by Dr Neil Barr, Social Researcher with the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries (6 November).
  • Visit and tour of Sunraysia wetlands by The Nature Conservancy, USA (Brian Richter) and Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (David Papps) (4 to 13 December).
  • Tour of Lower Murrumbidgee and Murray floodplains with MDBA Basin Communities Committee, Commissioners and Sam Archer (Chair, Riverina LLS).
  • Know your soils – learn 10 practical steps Holbrook Landcare Network National Environment Centre (4 April).
  • Tour of Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth wetlands (27 May). 

Company Administration

  • Transfer of Water Access Licence from Murray Wetlands Working Group Inc. to Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group Ltd.
  • Financial triggers for insolvency developed.
  • Editorial Policy devised for submission of external articles to Wetlands Unlimited.
  • Finance, Audit and Risk Committee established.
  • Governance, Remuneration and Nomination Committee established. 

Internal Administration

  • Finalising Human Resources Manual (incorporating Employment Agreement; Position Description; Employment Benefits and Annual Performance Review). 

Work Health and Safety | Training

  • Manual Handling Course (23 July).
  • Native Vegetation Property Vegetation Planning Part 1 Training (5 to 9 August).
  • Fundraising Made Easy (25 September).
  • Mainstream Environmental Water Law and Practice workshop (14 October).
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors, Company Directors Course (5 November to 39 January).
  • Reforming Aboriginal cultural heritage legislation in NSW (4 February).

 Staffing and HR

  • Completed staff Employment Agreements.
  • Completed staff Annual Performance Reviews.

Communication and Publicity

  • Communication Plan completed.
  • Website updates.
  • During the reporting period, the MDWWG website had an average of 1140 pageviews per month, with the top pages viewed being Murray-Darling Basin – Quick Facts and Restoring the wetlands of the Murray-Darling Basin. People from 73 countries viewed the website across 5700 sessions, with 84% viewed by Australian’s.
  • Facebook updates and publicity (465 likes).
  • 2012-2013 Annual Report uploaded to MDWWG website.
  • 2013 Annual General Meeting Highlights compiled and uploaded to MDWWG website and Members advised via email.
  • Attended launch of Wetland Birds of the Central Riverina, New South Wales: An Identification and Habitat Management Guide (sponsored by Murray CMA, Corowa Shire and MDWWG).
  • Sponsored updated pages on Murray River Access guides.

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