Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson

Since 2002, Ian, has run an independent environmental consultancy company, Regeneration Solutions, in north-east Victoria. His work involves identifying conservation values and assisting land managers in maintaining and enhancing those and undertaking various research projects in NSW and Victoria for clients including the Commonwealth, NSW and Victorian State governments and various local governments.

Originally a fisherman, Ian became interested in native fish management; especially as the area he covered included populations of endangered Trout cod and Macquarie perch. His work included a lot of wildlife management matters such as managing duck hunting and translocating koalas. In 1989 Ian was one of the key people involved in starting up Land for Wildlife in Victoria, a conservation program for private land which has subsequently been taken up by many other states throughout Australia.

In 1992 Ian worked with the flora branch of the Arthur Rylah Research Institute in Melbourne for an 18 month project which involved a survey of remnant vegetation (Box Ironbark) on private land throughout Victoria. Around that time he was also the co-author of a number of conservation strategies including ones for the Superb Parrot around the Barmah area and the Regent Honeyeater in the Greta/Lurg area.

Ian is on the National Recovery Teams for the endangered Regent Honeyeaters and managing Noisy Miners. In 1996 he left the Department to take up a position with Greening Australia to run what was at the time one of the first Fencing Incentive Programs in Australia. Over his six years with Greening Australia working across the NSW Eastern Riverina and South West Slopes, he worked with 100s of farmers for conservation purposes. During this period Ian was successful in getting non-government funding to develop a rapid assessment technique for travelling stock reserves (TSR) so systematic surveys to determine the conversation status of the various TSR (some 800 reserves in southern NSW) could be undertaken. Currently Ian is working with the Riverina LHPA as the consulting ecologist helping deliver the Federally funded “Enriching biodiversity in the NSW Riverina Bio-region by managing the TSRR Network for nature conservation”

“Basically my skills are native plant and wildlife management and I know a bit about fish and aquatic plants,” says Ian who, from 1998 to 2000, had a talkback science show on ABC regional radio called “The Nature Show”.

Ian first became involved with the wetlands group in 1997 as the Australian Conservation Foundation representative. Around this time Ian was also involved as the ACF representative on the NSW governments’ environmental flows committee for the regulated parts of the Murray. “I have a fairly hands on view of the world and believe if we have something that might work, let’s try it,” says Ian.

Ian is on the editorial board of the Australian scientific journal Ecological Management and Restoration. He has co-authored with practitioners a number of articles that have appeared in various journals and publications. “That’s something I see as important,” says Ian. “We need to get the ideas of people with practical experience down on paper.”

Ian Davidson
Regeneration Solutions
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